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FIFA 15 makes a dominating push in the realm of the smaller details, and many of the advancements took place on the microcosmic level of the game. Gamers who put their hands to the controller in FIFA 14 will notice changes in the on-pitch action, the game modes, and the improved visuals. Nevertheless, the overall interaction has not seen a drastic transformation. The advantage of fewer changes means the learning curve of FIFA 15 will be a molehill, rather than a mountain.

Where the Big Changes Took Place

A key difference of FIFA 15 involves a heightened sense of style and elegance in the gameplay, which was missing in FIFA 14. You will observe the style difference especially in the vibrant animations and the most realistic forms on the field. The players in FIFA 15 have a more lifelike appearance and behavior. In addition, EA developers refined and perfected the movement of the players. You can perform more fantastic gymnastics to keep the ball away from the goalie net. Taken up a notch, the movements show the thought processes and humanize the goalies in a way that has never been seen before. It stirs up fewer emotions of playing against a robot and more like you have to beat a real player.

The AI of the game has also been taken to another level. For example, if you have taken on the goalkeeper in a one-on-one match of skills, many times, he will rush out to attack, but he later decides to stay close to the goal instead. The goalkeeper will sometimes charge out from their post to get the ball, but they turn back as they realize the opposition or a friendly teammate will take the ball. These seemingly small actions create a more dynamic and realistic feel of the soccer field. Even in the absence of your direct influence, the players interact with each other. The AI teams will often even change their strategies based on the circumstances. For example, playing as Manchester City in the Premier League against Burnley, you might face strategies intended to limit the space of the ball and to limit your time.

A More Interesting Football Game

The game adopts a different approach from painstakingly grinding out a victory from a bitter fight. While that shows more realism, unfortunately, it is not as exciting. FIFA gives you the interesting parts of what you might encounter from watching TV. The goal is not to make you feel like you are managing the game or the central goal defender. EA jam-packed FIFA 15 full of lucid action because it is more fun for the gamer.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The game mode, "Ultimate Team" has won the hearts of gamers across the globe. It shares a highlight reel feel, and star players can now be loaned for a short period to purchase them outright. Instead of grinding for a hard-fought early victory, you can now use the journeyman footballers, and you can loan out major all-stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi. It adds another more realistic layer of complexity to football, and you feel more like a credible team manager. Ultimate Team lets you build a squad of talented players to dive into the game.

The big problem in Ultimate Team, however, is how they still require you to grind out matches, or you will have to pay real cash to put together a proper team. Nevertheless, at least EA did "somewhat" remedy this problem with the ability to employ a temporary super force of all-stars.

The Return of Tournament Mode

This mode receives a hero's welcome from most gamers on its return to FIFA 15. You have a gigantic number of tournaments to compete in, and some of the major tournaments include the German Deutscher Pokal and the English FA Cup. You can also find the smaller minnow cups like the Norway Braathens Cup and Mexico's Apertura. Unfortunately, licensing issues have meant international tournaments like Copa America, the World Cup, and the European Championship will be missing from FIFA 15.

Career Mode: The Deepest Mode

Like in past FIFA games, Career Mode delves deep into the game of football. It is the most immersive mode, and you can play as either the player or the manager. As the manager, your entire mission involves winning trophies. You have to build up a winning team. If you select the player, you only have to perform well and cement your role in as the first-team regular. Outside of the improved presentation and better scouting options, FIFA 15 does not offer a lot in the direction of actual innovation. If you played Career Mode in FIFA 14, you have pretty much played it in FIFA 15.

Online Play Takes a Central Role

Increasingly, FIFA has shifted more and more to the online gameplay. Here, the game comes to life, and the focus directs towards aggressive football and game-winning shots. When you kick the ball into the net, the satisfaction quadruples against a real player. Especially if it is a friend who you can taunt after the fact. To add to your friend's humiliation, a new console video sharing ability lets you share that heartwarming moment as the ball slips past the goalie. Nothing makes you feel more like a superstar than sharing your game-winning goals on your parents' Facebook page.

FIFA 15 has just the right amount of depth and tactical options to glue your hands to the controller. You can change the course of a match and call yourself a genius while doing it. Nevertheless, while some of FIFA 15 made much-needed refinements, they failed to take enough risks, and Konami's PES 2015 does a great job catching up while FIFA plays it safe.


  • More realistic than ever before
  • Can capture your victorious moments as bragging rights
  • Plenty of tournaments in Tournament Mode
  • Improved AI


  • Nothing much in the way of innovation
  • No World Cup or European Championship Cup can be found in FIFA 15

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